About Us

Starts with you is a Social Enterprise set up by Bolton at Home, a large housing association, to provide employment and personal support and environmental and other services across Greater Manchester.

Social Enterprises aim to become successful and sustainable businesses which give something back to their communities. These are some of the services we will be able to offer;

  • Employment Support
  • Personal Support
  • Family Support
  • Community Research
  • Handyperson services
  • Cleaning services

We have an organisational vision, aims and values that we live by.

Vision – what do we want to be in five years’ time?

We are an ethical, sustainable and profitable social enterprise that partners want to work with and people want to work for.

Aims – what do we need to do to get there?

Starts with you aims to:

1. Support Bolton at Home’s social investment aims and strategic priorities by profitable but ethical trading

2. Provide quality training and work experience opportunities for excluded groups, including the tenants of Bolton at Home and other housing associations to support their economic and social wellbeing

3. Provide excellent, ethical services for customers and partners so that we develop a reputation for integrity and excellence

Values – what behaviours will we adopt to achieve our vision?

Integrity – we will be open, honest and transparent in our dealings with customers, partners and each other.

One Team – we are one team united by our vision and aims, and we will treat each other with respect regardless of status. We act professionally and together we celebrate our success. We take personal responsibility and we do what we say we will. We ask for help, admit to our mistakes and put things right when they go wrong. We will value and respect each other’s diversity as well as that of our clients and partners.

A great place to work – we will all work to create a culture which makes Starts with you a great place to work, where staff feel valued and believe that their ideas and contributions can make a positive difference.

Courage - We challenge convention, ourselves and each other. We have the strength, willingness and determination to innovate, initiate, make things happen and carry them through.

Drive – We are relentless in our pursuit of success. We define success by the achievement of our vision and aims. We approach our work with energy, passion and persistence.