August 11, 2022

Bolton energy advisor secures massive savings for customer

Tom is an Energy Advisor at Starts with you. 

On an average working day Tom has 1:1 appointments in various Bolton at Home UCANs and depending on personal circumstances will visit people at home.

He has expert knowledge to help you reduce your bills, save money and support you with any issues with your energy provider.

Currently he is offering support over the phone and through email.

A referral came from the Money Advice Team at Bolton at Home by email during lockdown at the start of May. I began with telephone advice getting the information and background where the customer confirmed he had moved to a property in November 2019 and had been given a bill he thought to be around £4K at the time.

We attempted a 3 way call to Scottish Power but due to CV19 only emergency calls where being taken as they had limited staff available. I sent in total 5 emails to Scottish Power providing meter reading and photos of meters that customer had forwarded to me. In these emails explained the situation asking them to investigate and rectify, as we could not speak at the time by phone to explain.

I struggled at times as Scottish Power would reply to my emails saying I had no third party authority. In the end after several emails I supported customer in logging complaint as he had also sent messages via his online account giving authority for me to act.

We decided to try a 3 way call a couple of days later to make sure complaint had been officially logged. On this call which was made on the 15th July Scottish Power confirmed they had reduced the bill from £3,119.33 down to £555.92 saving customer £2,563.41.

In total took 10 weeks to get this result by having continued contact with customer and supplier during this time either by phone, email or text messages. The customer is very happy and is also in a position soon to clear his bill in full.

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