People services.

We provide a free, flexible service to help people back to their feet. We cover everything from energy advice to digital inclusion; money advice to employment skills. Above all we break down barriers, build confidence and empower people to reach their full potential. We also offer these services on a B2B basis as well via grant and cross-subsidy.

Digital Inclusion

Our digital inclusion services are designed to help you develop the skills you need to thrive in the digital world.

Employment Skills and Life Coaching

Our employment skills and life coaching services are designed to help you achieve your life goals and get the job you want.

Energy Advice

Our energy advice services are designed to help you improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Money, Debt and Welfare Advice

Our money, debt, and welfare advice services are designed to help you navigate financial challenges.


Our employment support services, known as Motiv8, are here to provide you with personalised aid to help you overcome these obstacles.

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